Automatic Driving Lessons In Worcester

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Automatic Driving Lessons In Worcester

Automatic Driving Lessons in Worcester, Malvern, Droitwich and Pershore.

Automatic Driving Lessons In Worcester

If you are looking for affordable Automatic Driving Lessons In Worcester with a reliable driving school then PassLee Driving School can offer you high quality, affordable lessons. There are a lot of driving schools in Worcester out there, so it’s important that you choose one that offers you value for money but that also teaches you the most important thing – how to drive.


A lot of driving instructors in Worcester will focus on teaching you to pass your driving test, however we won’t teach you to pass your test but we will teach you how to drive and if you learn to drive you will pass your test! After all, it’s not just about passing a test its about how you drive after you have passed.


Look at it this way, if a house has strong foundations it will stay up for years, if it has weak foundations it will fall down very quickly. Driving is the same thing, if your driving has strong foundations you will be a much safer driver. We want to make you a safe driver for life!

Sarah Passed Driving Test
Harrison Passed Driving Test
Owen Passed Driving Test

Thankyou so much for getting me through my driving test so quickly, your quirky banter and crap taste in music got me through each lesson feeling relaxed even when I got stressed out each lesson was full of laughter and insults but not anymore c you on the road!!


PassLee does exactly what he says on the tin teaches you to drive safely and correctly, in a fun filled environment along the way. Preparing you the best way possible leaving the passing of tests up to you !! Do not hesitate to take lessons with Lee, top bloke highly recommend him !!!


I would thoroughly recommend Lee to anyone considering driving tuition. He is an absolute character and I can’t thank him enough for his help and no nonsense approach.


How to get your driving licence.

So you have decided to take automatic driving lessons in Worcester to obtain your driving licence, but how do you get it?

Apply for your provisional driving licence. It can take a few weeks for your licence to arrive but don’t worry it shouldn’t take too long! Once it has arrive the next thing to do is book your first automatic driving lesson in Worcester. You can do that by calling us on 07912 622192, sending a whatsapp message or by using this form.

Next job is your theory test and you can’t take a driving test until you have passed your theory test. The theory test can be booked here. The cost of a theory test is £23 at the time of writing this. We suggest only using the official website to book your test. It would be a very good idea to study the highway code at this point! While studying and waiting for your theory test continue to have as many automatic driving lessons as you need.

Congratulations on passing your theory test!! You have only got one more hurdle to go and that is the practical driving test. To book your driving test you first need to discuss with your driving instructor your ability to pass the driving test. Once both you and your driving instructor agree your ready to take your driving test you can book it here.

You have passed your driving test, congratulations! After having automatic driving lessons in Worcester and taking and passing your driving test your finally on the road to freedom.

Psst…Now you REALLY start learning to drive! Remember, drive smart and drive safely.

Automatic Driving Lessons In Worcester - Lesson Prices

If you have sat behind the wheel before the first 3 lessons are £25 each, lesson price will then be £35 an hour after that. If you come to us having had some driving experience then it will just be the standard price of £35 an hour. Lessons can be paid via contactless payment via card, apple pay or android pay.


How many lessons to pass driving test in automatic?
Everyone is differnet but on average 20-25 automatic driving lessons are required.

How much do automatic driving lessons cost UK?
This very much depends on area, we charge £35 an hour.

Are automatic lessons cheaper?
This will depend on the driving instructor or the driving school.

How long does it take to learn driving automatic car?
As mentioned above it depends on the individual but between 25 to 35 would be the average.

How hard is it to pass an automatic driving test?
It’s easier than a manual car as you have no clutch or gears to worry about.

Is automatic easier than manual?


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