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1st 4 Lessons only£27.00 £17.00 !!
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FREE Motorway Lesson After Passing !!

FREE Refresher Lesson 6 months after Passing !!
Introduce A Friend And Get A FREE Lesson!!

We now offer Automatic Lessons!!

Great news, PassLee Driving School now provides automatic driving lessons! Check out this page to find out more!

Automatic Driving Lessons


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Driving Lessons Worcester

If you are looking for affordable driving lessons in Worcester with a reliable driving school then PassLee can offer you high quality, affordable lessons. There are a lot of driving schools in Worcester out there, so it’s important that you choose one that offers you value for money but that also teaches you the most important thing – how to drive. A lot of instructors will focus on teaching you to pass your driving test, however we won’t teach you to pass your test but we will teach you how to drive and if you learn to drive you will pass your test! After all, it’s not just about passing a test its about how you drive after you have passed. Look at it this way, if a house has strong foundations it will stay up for years, if it has weak foundations it will fall down very quickly. Driving is the same thing, if your driving has strong foundations you will be a much safer driver. We want to make you a safe driver for life!

Why not take a look at what others say about our lessons, you can read our testimonials page to see other people experiences with us.

Automatic Driving Lessons Worcester

PassLee Driving School now offers automatic driving lessons in Worcester, Malvern, Pershore and Droitwich with driving lessons starting from only £17! Click the heading above for more information.

Lesson Prices

How much will your driving lessons cost? Driving lessons are priced at £27.00, you can buy bulk for discounts, please see our discounts page for more information, Some schools charge more if you live further away, we do not charge you more just because you live outside of Worcester. So the price will stay the same for no matter where you live.

Driving Lessons Worcestershire - Haylea passed her driving test!

” I had only had 6 lessons with Lee, after failing my driving test twice (not with Lee), but these 6 lessons, were the more funniest times of my life. Lee is a brilliant instructor, who is really relaxed and laid back, but is focused on the job and helped me to succeed and pass! With a quirky personality, it’s hard not to love him and he defiantly makes the lesson fly so fast! “

Driving Lessons Worcester



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Driving Lessons Worcester
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Driving Lessons Worcester
Driving lessons in Worcester, Pershore, Malvern and Droitwich. Automatic driving lessons also available, Driving lessons start from only £17!! FREE Motorway lesson after passing!