Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic driving lessons in Worcester, Droitwich, and Pershore. Lessons from only £17*

Bennifits Of Automatic
  • NO Stress
  • NO Fear
  • NO Panic
  • NO Worries
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Automatic Driving Lessons Worcester

Automatic Driving Lessons Worcester provided by PassLee Driving School…. We are pleased to offer automatic driving lessons in Worcester, Malvern, Pershore and Droitwich.

Automatic cars have been around for years but were always considered by people to be very limited but in the last 10 years this has changed, almost every car you see on the road has an automatic version. Because of this automatic driving lessons are becoming more and more popular with both young and mature learners.

So why choose to learn to drive an automatic car? There are many reasons people take the decision to learn in an automatic, here are just some..

Easier to drive – You can’t stall or roll back, this gives people instant confidence.

No clutch or gear stick – Because you don’t have to worry about coordination or what gear you should be in you can concentrate more on the road ahead.

Quicker to learn – You don’t need as many lessons as you would in a manual car, making learning to drive cheaper.

It should be noted that anyone who passes their driving test in an automatic car will only be licensed to drive an automatic car but as mentioned before this is not as much of an issue as it was 20 years ago. Some pupils use automatic driving lessons as a stepping stone to driving a manual car. They pass their test in an automatic and spend a few months driving on their own gaining confidence and experience and then come back to have a couple of lessons to get used to gears and then take the manual test. It has been pointed out by previous pupils that this also reduces the pressure of the manual test because if the worst was to happen and they fail they can still drive and automatic car until they do pass.


How much does it cost?

Automatic driving lessons in Worcester cost £30.00 an hour.

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