Block Bookings


10 Hours
BASIC PACKAGE Minimum Requirement
  • Hourly Price £24.50
£245 Save £35
20 Hours
V.I.P PACKAGE Most Popular – Free Driver
  • Hourly Price £23.50
£470 Save £90
30 Hours
EXTRA PACKAGE Most Comprehensive
  • Hourly Price £23.00
£690 Save £150



These apply to driving lessons Worcester, Pershore, Evesham, Malvern and Droitwich. For pupils outside of Worcester it’s suggested that driving lessons be 2hrs at a time, this is because the driving test will be in Worcester so all driving lessons will be conducted in worcester. An example of the 2 hours for a pupils wanting driving lessons from Evesham would be a 30 min drive to Worcester (pupil drives) followed by an hours lesson and then a 30 min drive back to Evesham, this way the pupil gets an hour general drive plus and hour in Worcester on whatever is being covered.

As with most driving schools all block bookings are non refundable therefore it’s advised to have a lesson before paying for a block, this allows you to make sure you feel comfortable with the car.