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Driving Instructor In Worcester
About me...

Driving Instructor In Worcester – I have been teaching for more or less 14 years now ( must be why I have lost all my hair! ). I certainly don’t do this job for the money… Let me tell you that driving instructors do not earn as much as you may think, just because we are given a certain amount of money at the end of the lesson does not mean we see all of that money! When you take out the cost of fuel, tyres, insurance, cars a huge chunk of the money given to us is gone! So if I don’t do it for the money why do I do it?

I do it because I love helping people, for me the best payment is seeing that happy face when they hear those magical words ” I am pleased to tell you that you have passed ” No amount of money can even come close to that feeling.

So what are driving lessons like with me? If I had to use one word I would use “fun” and I would like to think that most of my past and present pupils would say that same. However I always say that I am not everyone’s cup of tea and I have had people come and go, I do tend to use humor for everything and sometimes that humor gets me into trouble! Nobody is perfect after all. I think different people learn in different ways and environments and we don’t all “fit” each others personality, and that is why we are so lucky here in Worcester that we have some amazing driving instructors who all have their own style of teaching.

I have had pupils in the past say to me..

“My last driving instructor in Worcester shouted at me, are you going to shout at me? – Absolutely Not!
“My last driving instructor in Worcester was always late” – I certainly wont be last!
“My last driving instructor in Worcester always finished my lesson too early” – Sometimes we may be a few mins early but if that is that case I reduce the lesson price.

Oh just one more thing…. I have suffered with anxiety most of my adult life and have been on medication for it for a number of years, because of this I do tend to relate well to very nervous and anxious people.

When I first started teaching I offered both manual and automatic driving lessons in Worcester. Over the years I have noticed a significant increase in demand for automatic driving lessons to the point where my diary had little to no manual lessons booked. For that reason I no longer offer manual driving lessons and I now only offer Automatic Driving Lessons In Worcester, Droitwich, Malvern and Pershore.

I have done lots of other jobs over the years before becoming a driving instructor in Worcester, most of which required a good amount of driving. I was even a bus driver in Worcester for a short period of time.

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