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Driving Lessons Droitwich with PassLee Driving School, We appreciate that driving for the first few times can be nerve racking but aim to make it as stress-free as possible. Safety is always our top priority, mine, yours and everybody else’s. We are very patient and have found that people learn more quickly when they are in a relaxed atmosphere with clear rules. Not everybody learns in the same way, or needs the same level of support so we modify our training technique to what is best suited to you. We will provide the necessary support to enable the training to be absorbed by you, in order to help you achieve your goal – your full driving license!

Learner drivers spend many hours with their instructor and we always encourage feedback so that we continually improve and modify our teaching methods to suit the way you like to learn. We can pick you up from home, work, school or wherever, but we will always go to somewhere away from the traffic for the first few driving lessons in Droitwich. There will be no other pupils in the car during your lesson. If you have a car that you can practice in, the person who accompanies you can come out on a lesson if they like.This will help if there is a particular skill that you need to concentrate more on.

The car has dual-controls fitted but they will only be used as a last resort if assistance is needed or if a dangerous situation arises. We try to make all our driving lessons as fun as possible, and welcome nervous pupils, it’s amazing how a little giggle can help the nerves!

If you have tried manual lessons and have struggled with them or you just wish to passing your driving test quicker, we now offer Automatic driving lessons in Droitwich. Automatic driving lessons are £25 an hour.

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Why Choose Us?

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We understand that learning to drive isn’t cheap, many driving schools will take advantage of this and charge you a larger sum than necessary; not us.
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Our Programs

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Our Customers Say...

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" After attempting to learn to drive 3 times and failing prior, I was apprehensive about doing it again. However, that apprehension was instantaneously eased after my initial session with Lee. He was calming, personable, encouraging and fun which helped my confidence no end. Following that Lee delivered a professional service giving me all the skills I needed, theoretically and practically. My confidence and competence grew quickly and I successfully passed my test within a matter of months. I highly recommend this service as it is affordable, professional and personable. Thank you so much for your support Lee, I couldn't have succeeded without you".
[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting="5" rev_name="Owen."] I would thoroughly recommend Lee to anyone considering driving tuition. He is an absolute character and I can't thank him enough for his help and no nonsense approach.[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting="5" rev_name="Sarah"]
Thankyou so much for getting me through my driving test so quickly, your quirky banter and crap taste in music got me through each lesson feeling relaxed even when I got stressed out each lesson was full of laughter and insults but not anymore c you on the road !!
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Below you will find our three most popular packages

[/vc_column_text][driving_school_price][driving_school_price_item featured="" target_plan="modal" cf7scode="5" title="BASIC PACKAGE" planning_type_title="10 Hours" price="£235" sub_price="Save £35" call_action="url:%23|title:ORDER%20NOW||" sub_title="Minimum Requirement" btn_title="ORDER NOW" modal_title="ORDER PACKAGE"]
  • Hourly Price £23.50
[/driving_school_price_item][driving_school_price_item featured="1" target_plan="modal" cf7scode="5" title="V.I.P PACKAGE" planning_type_title="20 Hours" price="£450" sub_price="Save £90" call_action="url:%23|title:ORDER%20NOW||" sub_title="Most Popular – Free Driver" btn_title="ORDER NOW" modal_title="ORDER PACKAGE"]
  • Hourly Price £22.50
[/driving_school_price_item][driving_school_price_item featured="" target_plan="modal" cf7scode="5" title="EXTRA PACKAGE" planning_type_title="30 Hours" price="£660" sub_price="Save £150" call_action="url:%23|title:ORDER%20NOW||" sub_title="Most Comprehensive" btn_title="ORDER NOW" modal_title="ORDER PACKAGE"]
  • Hourly Price £22.00
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Latest News & Events

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