Driving Lessons Worcester


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Driving Lessons Worcester

Learning to drive can open up many doors in life, whatever the reason for taking driving lessons it is important that you choose the right driving school for you. There are many driving instructors in Worcester, so how do you choose the right one? One of the best ways to source a good instructor is to ask friends who they learned to drive with, some questions you should ask are…Driving School Worcester

Did they enjoy the lessons?

Was the driving school always on time or always late?

How long did the lesson last?

Did they feel they learned something new every week?

How much was the lessons?

These are just some questions you should ask when searching for a driving school or instructor. Price of course is a factor as times are tough, but if you find a school that is really cheap maybe you should ask why they are so cheap! Nine times out of ten this is usually because the driving instructor is struggling for business. The natural question to that is why he or she hasn’t got many pupils! Cheap is not always best! The flip side is when you call a driving school and they struggle to book you in for a driving lesson, this must mean that they are very popular.


Driving Lessons Worcester

Driving Lessons With PassLee Driving School

We offer driving lessons in Worcester 7 days a week, yes we are really that busy!! We have always said that we will teach you to drive and if you learn to drive you will pass your test, what we will NOT do is teach you to pass the driving test! Driving is like a house, if the house has strong foundations it will stay up for years, just like driving, if your driving has strong foundations then you will end up being a safe driver! You can’t get strong foundations in your driving is your only taught to pass the driving test and not to drive

It is also really important to us that you not only learn something new on every driving lesson but you also have fun too! While learning to drive is a very serious thing to do there is no reason for it not to be enjoyable as well, after all you will learner quicker if you can have fun along the way. Just read our testimonials of people who have passed their driving test and you will notice that most will say they had fun while learning.

How much are the lessons? If you have never driven before then the first four lessons are £17 each and then it is £27.00 an hour, discounts are available for block bookings!

Driving lessons Worcester…Call us today on 07912 622192

Area’s we cover in Worcester – St Johns, St Peters, Norton, Lower Wick, Fernhill Heath, Northwick, Barbourne and Worcester City



Worcester Driving Lessons