Four in five drivers put themselves and others in danger by being distracted at wheel, study claims

A quarter of motorists believe they have had near-miss because they were not concentrating while driving..


Motorists have admitted to taking their eyes off the road to stroke pets, use their phones and attempt sex acts on their other half, a study has revealed.

Research showed four in five drivers had potentially put themselves and others in danger including by putting on make-up while driving.

One in four had taken a phone call in the driver’s seat, and 14 per cent have tapped out a text message.

Another 8 per cent of drivers have tried to operate the pedals using different feet, while 6 per cent have attempted a sexual act on their partner while travelling from A to B, researchers found.

Thirty-five per cent have taken their eyes off the road to pass something to the passenger in the back seat, and 20 per cent have kept their foot on the accelerator while checking a map on their phone.

Holger G Weiss, chief executive of German Autolabs, which commissioned the study, said: “Driving is a somewhat mundane part of everyday life for millions of Brits across the country, and this chore-like familiarity can lead us to grow complacent to the potential risks around us.

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